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Iconography & APPOINTMENTS

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Great progress is being made with our "On Earth as it is in Heaven" Beautification and Iconography Project.

We have commissioned our iconographer, Leonidas Diamantopoulos, to start work on phase 2 of Iconography, which will begin in February 2019.

Many of you have now received the Donor Guide and expressed enthusiasm in sponsoring icons and appointments.  The cover of the Donor Guide shows the four panels on each side of the church under the windows where the icons of The Life of Christ will be depicted. Originally (as shown in the pictures), we thought we would have 3 medallions around the windows, 24 medallions in total. However, after consulting with Leonidas, our iconographer, we accepted his suggestion that we only install 2 medallions on either side of the icons depicting The Life of Christ and a byzantine style decorative rosette as the third medallion on top. This leaves us with 16 medallions (and 8 rosettes) available to choose from.

Below is a list containing 25 potential saint medallions.  Our parish children had the opportunity to choose two child saints, (a boy and a girl) and these two saints are noted below.  In addition, four (4) medallions have already been commissioned and these are also noted.  So we are seeking sponsorship of 10 medallions from the list not already commissioned (numbered 7-25).  We may be open to considering other medallion choices if 10 of those listed are not chosen. 

  1. Child Saint Agnes of Rome (voted on by our children)

  2. Child Saint Nicholas of Karpenissi (voted on by our children)

  3. St. Anthea (commissioned)

  4. St. Eleftherios (commissioned)

  5. St. Theodore of Tyro (commissioned)

  6. St. Efraim of Nea Makri (commissioned)

  7. St. Aspasia

  8. St. Vladimir

  9. St. Christina

  10. St. Photios

  11. St. Euphrosynos

  12. St. Alexander

  13. St. Stylianos

  14. St. Phocas

  15. St. Silouan

  16. St. Hilda

  17. St. Paisius

  18. St. Arsenios

  19. St. Kyriakos

  20. St. Seraphim of Sarov

  21. St. John of Kronstadt

  22. St. Phanourios

  23. St. Innocent of Alaska

  24. St. Argiro the Martyr

  25. St. Theodore the Commander

* Plus 8 Rosettes

The suggested donation for each medallion is $4,000 and for each rosette, $2,500.

Please note that more than one individual or family may give towards the same icon or rosette and there is an opportunity to pledge and fulfill that pledge over a period of three years.  If you are interested in sponsoring a medallion or rosette, or have any questions, please contact me, Fr. Lou, (frlou@stcatherinechurch.org / 303.773.3411) or fundraising co-chairs, Elaine Cladis (ecladis@comcast.net / 303.435.8584) or Scott Theodore (scott.p.theodore@gmail.com / 303.506.3156).

May our good and loving Lord continue to be with and bless us as we near the completion of the construction phase of "On Earth as it is in Heaven." We can then look forward to the installation of the iconography depicting "The Life of Christ."

With our Lord's blessings,

Fr.  Lou Christopulos