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Iconography & APPOINTMENTS


The suggested donation for each medallion is $4,000.

Please note that more than one individual or family may give towards the same icon or rosette and there is an opportunity to pledge and fulfill that pledge over a period of three years.  If you are interested in sponsoring a medallion or rosette, or have any questions, please contact Fr. Lou, (frlou@stcatherinechurch.org / 303.773.3411) or fundraising co-chairs, Elaine Cladis (ecladis@comcast.net / 303.435.8584) or Scott Theodore (scott.p.theodore@gmail.com / 303.506.3156).

May our good and loving Lord continue to be with and bless us as we near the completion of the construction phase of "On Earth as it is in Heaven." We can then look forward to the installation of the iconography depicting "The Life of Christ."

With our Lord's blessings,

Fr.  Lou Christopulos