The Clergy, Parish Council and St. Catherine Ministries invite you to attend the Annual Anastasi (Resurrection) Dinner immediately following the Midnight Resurrection Service. A love offering will be accepted.

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As in the past, the Parish Council will provide the lamb, salad, olives, feta cheese, wine and coffee and our Philoptochos Ladies will provide the traditional Easter sweet breads. In addition, we would like to invite all parishioners to participate in a Parish wide international potluck sharing your favorite traditional Paschal dish or dessert in celebration of our many diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Have fun and be creative with this international fare
  • Please label your dishes if they have any nuts, or if they are gluten free or vegetarian.
  • Please bring your items in disposable containers, already warm, prior to the beginning of the service (by 11:15pm) and place them on the designated table in the Fellowship Hall
  • If you have food items that need to be warmed we will have 2 Food warmers available. Please bring those items in a 9 x13 aluminum containers

Here is an idea of what we need:

  • Help to Set Up/Decorate Tables at 11:30am, following Saturday Morning Divine Liturgy (6)
  • Fruit Platter (4)
  • Cheese Platter (4)
  • International Appetizers (a popular appetizer from your particular cuisine - Russian, Romanian, Greek, Arabic (10)
  • International Vegetables Side Dish (15) - Please bring them in a 9 x 13 disposable aluminum pan
  • International Rice/Pasta Side Dish (10) - Please bring them in a 9 x 13 disposable aluminum pan
  • Tubs of butter (4)
  • International Desserts (30)
  • Soda 2L Bottles (10)
  • Ice Tea/Lemonade (8)
  • Cases of Bottled Water (15)
  • Beer 12-packs (5)

Thank you! Kali Anastasi!