July 3 – 8, this year mark the dates for the Biennial Archdiocese Clergy/Laity Congress and National Philoptochos Conference, this year in Nashville, TN. The theme listed above speaks of the reality of life for us generally in the world and specifically in America and in our Rocky Mountain area. The sub-themes of the general theme are "As the Father has sent me, so I send you" (John 20;21), and "You are the light of the world" (Matthew 5:14). In a world that is all too often focused on violence and terror the most recent heinous act of murder and hatred in the Orlando killings as an example, or the divisiveness and polarization of attitudes as evident in our present presidential campaign – we are challenged to be ambassadors of our Loving Lord reflecting His Light in our interpersonal relationships.

This challenge begins in our small family circles, relating in love, forgiveness and reconciliation with those closet to us but then expands outward to all of our relationships. This of course is not an easy task. It never was.

However, in the midst of the rapid and constant attitudinal changes that mark our day, it seems even more challenging. In any case, the call is as clear as ever. It is a call of humility in submission of our very lives to our Lord and God.

With each movement towards Him, His Grace moves to inform us of how to act or re-act in any and every situation. This is at the same time a personal and a communal act in as much as humility invites us to the counsel of and submission to others as well. This helps us in a check and balance manner reminding us "...when two or three are gathered in my name, I will be there." (Matthew 18:20)

Please keep John Karubus, Greg Krochta, Michele Krochta, Liz Deligiannis and me, along with the hundreds of other clergy and lay delegates from throughout our country, in your prayers as this Congress convenes. May we all – here in our Parish and throughout our country endeavor – through humility to be the voice and light of Christ in a world that is desperately in need of God.

With our Lord's Blessings,

Fr. Lou.