Sign up for the Annual Resurrection Dinner!

Sign up for the Annual Resurrection Dinner!

The Clergy, Parish Council and St. Catherine Ministries invite you to attend the Annual Anastasi (Resurrection) Dinner immediately following the Midnight Resurrection Service. A love offering will be accepted.

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As in the past, the Parish Council will provide the lamb, salad, olives, feta cheese, wine and coffee and our Philoptochos Ladies will provide the traditional Easter sweet breads. In addition, we would like to invite all parishioners to participate in a Parish wide international potluck sharing your favorite traditional Paschal dish or dessert in celebration of our many diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Have fun and be creative with this international fare
  • Please label your dishes if they have any nuts, or if they are gluten free or vegetarian.
  • Please bring your items in disposable containers, already warm, prior to the beginning of the service (by 11:15pm) and place them on the designated table in the Fellowship Hall
  • If you have food items that need to be warmed we will have 2 Food warmers available. Please bring those items in a 9 x13 aluminum containers

Here is an idea of what we need:

  • Help to Set Up/Decorate Tables at 11:30am, following Saturday Morning Divine Liturgy (6)
  • Fruit Platter (4)
  • Cheese Platter (4)
  • International Appetizers (a popular appetizer from your particular cuisine - Russian, Romanian, Greek, Arabic (10)
  • International Vegetables Side Dish (15) - Please bring them in a 9 x 13 disposable aluminum pan
  • International Rice/Pasta Side Dish (10) - Please bring them in a 9 x 13 disposable aluminum pan
  • Tubs of butter (4)
  • International Desserts (30)
  • Soda 2L Bottles (10)
  • Ice Tea/Lemonade (8)
  • Cases of Bottled Water (15)
  • Beer 12-packs (5)

Thank you! Kali Anastasi!

Epitaphios (Tomb of Christ) Flowers Donations

If you would like to make a monetary donation towards flowers for the Epitaphios (Tomb Of Christ) for Holy Friday, there will be a collection basket in the Narthex this Sunday and all during Holy Week services until Holy Thursday night.

Thank you!

Adoration of the Holy Cross: Homily for the Third Sunday of Lent

Adoration of the Holy Cross: Homily for the Third Sunday of Lent

By Father Philip LeMasters

In any kind of difficult challenge, it’s always inspiring to know that we are half way to the end. It might be a race, a school year, or a project at work; if you've made it this far, you know that you can eventually reach your goal.

We are now half way through the season of Lent, and the Church calls our attention today to the great symbol of victory, the great sign of hope our Lord‘s cross. During the time of Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry, of course, no one was inspired by the cross, for it was a feared instrument of execution. No one honored the cross and certainly no one thought that God’s Messiah would die on one.

So it was profoundly shocking when the Savior told His disciples that He would be rejected, suffer, die, and rise again. When St. Peter tried to correct Him, Christ called him “Satan” and said that he was thinking in human terms, not God’s. Then the Lord told the disciples what they didn‘t want to hear. They too must take up their crosses and lose their lives; that's the way to enter into the blessed salvation of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The hard truth that Jesus Christ broke to His disciples was that we can't jump ahead to the joy of the empty tomb. We must first go with our Lord to the cross; we too must die in order to rise again. And the unpopular truth is that every last one of us needs to die to our sinfulness, to how we have distorted ourselves, our relationships, and our world. The Son of God offered Himself in free obedience to the Holy Trinity, taking upon Himself the full consequences of sin and death to the point of a horrible execution; He did so out of love for us. And thus He opened the way to the Kingdom of heaven, to life eternal, for you, me, and all humankind; indeed, for the entire creation.

And that way is the cross, for if we want to share in the joy of His resurrection, of His victory over death, we must first participate in the struggle, pain, and sacrifice of crucifixion. We must crucify the habits of thought, word, and deed that lead us to worship and serve ourselves instead of God and neighbor. We must kill our pride, our selfishness, and our slavery to pleasure. If we don't crucify these passions, our souls will be too sick, dark, and weak to share in the glory of the resurrection. Like St. Peter, we will think in human terms, not God's, no matter how religious or moral we appear to others.

And the reality is that we have no shortage of opportunities to take up our crosses. When we struggle to resist a temptation, when we battle angry thoughts against those who have wronged or somehow irritated us, and when we endure deep sorrows and disappointments with trust in God’s faithfulness and mercy, we take up the cross.

Fortunately, we do not go to the cross alone. No matter what we are tempted to think at times, our Savior is no stranger to temptation, suffering, pain, and death. He sympathizes with our struggles because He endured them. He was literally nailed to a cross, died, was buried, and descended into Hades in order to bring the joy of life eternal to corrupt, weak imperfect people like you and me through His glorious third-day resurrection. And in order to follow Him to the joy of Pascha we must likewise take up our cross.

So as we begin the second half of Lent, let us keep our eyes on the prize, looking to the great trophy of our Savior’s victory over sin and death, the cross, through which joy has come into all the world. And even though it is a struggle and none of us does it particularly well, let us put aside our own preferences and obsessions in order to take up the cross through prayer, fasting, forgiveness, mending broken relationships, and showing generosity to those in need. Let us offer our lives of free obedience to the Father, accepting whatever pain and struggle there may be in setting things right in our lives as best we can. And no matter what burdens we may bear, no matter our frustrations and failures, let us press on the joy of Pascha. Jesus Christ participated in death in order to bring us into His life, and we must participate in His death in order to share in the glory of His resurrection. So let us deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Him. For this alone is the way to the brilliant light and eternal blessedness of the Kingdom of God.

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Wonder, joy, faith and humility. These beautiful childlike characteristics are the foundation of our relationship with our loving God.

Weekday Morning Bible Studies begin October 11

Join us for Bible study following weekday Divine Liturgies

We meet from 10:30am to 11:15am. Bagels and coffee provided.

  • Tuesday, October 11: Saint Philip the Apostle 
  • Tuesday, October 18: Saint Luke the Evangelist
  • Wednesday, October 26: Saint Demetrios
  • Tuesday, November 1: Saints Cosmas and Damian
  • Wednesday, November 9: Saint Nektarios
  • Wednesday, November 16: St. Matthew
  • Wednesday, November 30: Saint Andrew
  • Tuesday, January 17: Saint Anthony The Great
  • Wednesday, January 25: St. Gregory the Theologian
  • Thursday, February 2: Presentation of our Lord in the Temple
  • Wednesday, February 8: Saint Theodore

Family Night Fellowship Resumes Wednesday, September 21

Come join us for Fellowship and Study every Wednesday night at 6:00pm!

  • 4:45pm - Supplication (Paraklesis) Service
  • 5:30pm - Community Dinner Provided (Love offering)
  • 5:45pm - 7:15pm - Baby Sitting Provided
  • 6pm - 7pm - Adult Religious Educations Classes
  • 6pm - 7pm - Hope and Joy Greek/Ethnic Dance
  • 7pm - 8pm - Greek Cardio Dance Class $10/person
  • 7pm - 8pm - Jr. GOYA Basketball Practice
  • 8pm - 9pm - Sr. GOYA Basketball Practice
  • 7:15pm Ministry Meetings

Adult Classes

Orthodoxy 101– Father Jimi 

Young Adult Book Study – Danielle Xanthos

The Holy and Great Council: Individual topics of the Council – Father Lou

  • September 21: The Holy and Great Council - Presentation by His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah
  • September 28: Importance of Fasting and its Observance Today 
  • October 5: Relations of Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian World
  • October 12: Fall break
  • October 19: Autonomy and the means by which it is proclaimed
  • October 26: The Orthodox Diaspora
  • November 2: The Sacrament of Marriage and its Impediments
  • November 9: The Mission of the Orthodox Church in today's world
  • November 16: Stewardship #1 Living a meaningful Christian Life - needs of humanity including love, respect, and meaningful involvement.
  • November 23: Thanksgiving break
  • November 30: Stewardship #2 Outreach - Feast of St. Andrew - Philoxeno/Philoxenia - Welcome Newcomers and introduce them to our Ministries.
  • December 7: Stewardship: How can I personally contribute to God's work; my personal involvement
  • December 14: Stewardship: The Community of Believers